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Why give to Breaking Free?

At Breaking Free we provide hope and help to people each day. Every single dollar makes a huge difference in a child's future, an adolescent's path, and an adult's choices.

Please give what you can whenever you are able. Simply click on the "PayPal Donate" button to securely contribute to a great cause!

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Where Does Your Money Go?

We assist more than 15,000 people each year! We do this for less than 50 cents per person -- but times are tough and we need your help to ensure that we're here when your community, your neighbors and you need us most. Your donation of $500, $50 or $35 will mean so much!

Planned Giving

Have you ever wanted to make someone's dreams come true? Consider placing Breaking Free in your will.

Everyone can make a difference in the life of a child, a family or a community. By including Breaking Free in your will, you strengthen families for years to come. Your planned gift will help make other people's dreams become reality.

Making a bequest is a wonderful way to honor your family's ideals and values while ensuring a brighter future for thousands of others.

"Donor Bill of Rights"

Breaking Free abides by A Donor Bill of Rights. To see and read a copy CLICK HERE.
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We build strong family foundations and
rebuild those impacted by
substance abuse, child abuse and
other life challenges.
We provide the highest quality education,
prevention and counseling services
focused on drug and alcohol abuse,
child abuse, family relationships,
mental health and wellness.
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