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Parenting Education Programs
Breaking Free uses the Nurturing Parenting Program, a family-based program that provides parents with the skills they need for the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect. The goals of  program are to: 
The program is based on psychoeducational and cognitive-behavioral approaches to learning and focuses on "re-parenting": helping parents learn new patterns of parenting to replace their existing, learned, abusive patterns. Through questionnaires, discussion, role-play, and audiovisual exercises, participants learn how to nurture themselves as individuals and in turn build their nurturing family and parenting skills as dads, moms, sons, and daughters.
Family members develop their awareness, knowledge, and skills in five areas:
  1. Age-appropriate expectations;
  2. Empathy, bonding, and attachment;
  3. Nonviolent nurturing discipline;
  4. Self-awareness and self-worth; and
  5. Empowerment, autonomy, and healthy independence.
Participating families attend sessions at community sites in a group format with other families. These sessions combine separate experiences for parents and children with shared "family nurturing time."

These programs are offered in cooperation with community partners, including  schools, churches, neighborhood and community agencies.  A variety of specialized programs are available, including one for parents recovering from drug and alcohol dependence. 

For more information about these services email Nikki Lay, Director of Prevention Services or call her at 630-897-1003, x327.

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We build strong family foundations and
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We provide the highest quality education,
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