Co-Occurring Disorders

Mental and substance use conditions often co-occur. In other words, individuals with substance use conditions often have a mental health condition at the same time and
vice versa.

• Approximately 8.9 million adults have co-occurring mental and substance use disorders
• Only 7.4 percent of individuals receive treatment for both conditions with 55.8 percent receiving no treatment at all.

There are many consequences of undiagnosed, untreated, or undertreated co-occurring disorders including higher likelihood of experiencing:

• Homelessness
• Incarceration
• Medical illnesses
• Suicide
• Early Mortality

Integrated treatment works

Integrated treatment that addresses mental and substance use conditions at the same time is associated with lower costs and better outcomes such as:

• Reduced substance use
• Improved psychiatric symptoms and functioning
• Decreased hospitalization
• Increased housing stability
• Fewer arrests
• Improved quality of life

Building a strong service system for individuals with co-occurring disorders includes involving clients and their families in the service planning, assessment and treatment process.

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