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Sisters Unite in Preventing and Protecting Ourselves by Recovering Together

We recognize the impact of trauma on minority females and the barriers to integrated substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, HIV prevention, primary healthcare and support services.
You are not alone.

Help is available to you.
The SUPPORT program offers specialized services to Hispanic, African American and other minority women who are 18 and over and are struggling with alcohol and/or other drug use or have concerns about their mental health and substance use.

All services are free of charge* to eligible minority women from Kane, western Cook and western DuPage Counties with services in English and Spanish.

Pregnant women are always served with priority.

Services include:
 • Screenings and assessments
 • Individual, group and family counseling
 • Outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment
 • Mental health counseling & psychiatric care
 • HIV testing & counseling for women and their partners
 • Parenting support and education

Participating agencies include:
 • Renz Addiction Counseling Center
 • Breaking Free, Inc.
 • Community Crisis Center
 • Mutual Ground
 • VNA Health Care
A caring, experienced team of professionals will help support you
through the recovery process:

 • Bilingual/bi-cultural counselors
 • Bilingual/bi-cultural case managers
 • Recovery coaches
 • Psychiatrists
Click here for a brochure or learn more by calling: 630-897-1003 (Aurora) or 847-742-3545 (Elgin)
SUPPORT Program Locations:
Breaking Free -- 120 Gale St., Aurora -- 630-897-1003 --
Renz Center -- Two American Way, Elgin -- 847-742-3545 --
* The SUPPORT Program is a collaborative project funded by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) through the Federal government.
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Breaking Free, Inc.
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We build strong family foundations and rebuild those impacted by substance abuse, child abuse and other life challenges.
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Need Assistance?   630.897.1003  M-F 8AM-5PM