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Adult Counseling Services
We know that living with drug and alcohol problems is hard -- and we know that treatment opens the door to the miracle of recovery, of a life free from drug and alcohol problems!

Having made the decision to get help, we are dedicated to supporting you through the treatment and recovery process. Using nationally-recognized proven approaches, we start with a comprehensive assessment and continue with the development of an individualized treatment and recovery plan that involves the entire family. These personally tailored programs build on each person’s strengths and include individual, group and family counseling, education and continuing care planning. Fully licensed in the State of Illinois and supervised by our medical director, our staff includes certified addiction counselors and licensed mental health professionals to provide the highest quality care available.

The following specialized programs and services are available to you and your family:

 • Comprehensive drug and alcohol evaluations
 • Structured Early Intervention program
 • Men’s Recovery Services
   • Outpatient (Level I) treatment program
   • Intensive Outpatient (Level II) treatment program
 • Specialized Parenting program
 • Women's Recovery Services
   • Outpatient (Level I) treatment program
   • Intensive Outpatient (Level II) treatment program
   • Specialized Parenting program
 • Comprehensive DUI Evaluation and Treatment services
   • DUI Evaluations
   • DUI Risk Education
   • DUI Early Intervention
   • DUI Treatment
 • Continuing Care and Recovery Support Services
 • Anger Management Program
 • Family Education and Support Program
 • Parenting Program for Families in Recovery
 • Family Intervention Programs
   • How to help someone who doesn't want help
Breaking Free has been accredited
by CARF International for its Intensive Outpatient Adolescent and Adult Integrated treatment programs, Outpatient Adolescent and Adult Integrated treatment programs, Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention programs, and Family Based child abuse prevention programs.

Breaking Free, Inc.
120 Gale St.
Aurora, IL 60506
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M-Th 8AM-9PM
Need answers about
substance abuse,
mental health or
other challenges?
We build strong family foundations and
rebuild those impacted by
substance abuse, child abuse and
other life challenges.
We provide the highest quality education,
prevention and counseling services
focused on drug and alcohol abuse,
child abuse, family relationships,
mental health and wellness.
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Need Assistance?   630.897.1003
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