Comprehensive DUI Evaluation and Treatment Services
Breaking Free provides a comprehensive array of all services required for DUI offenses in Illinois. These include Evaluations, Risk Education and all levels of DUI treatment services using the State of Illinois Classification System (see table to the right).

DUI Alcohol and Drug Evaluations
Breaking Free provides Alcohol and Drug evaluations for clients who have been arrested in Illinois for driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Required by the Illinois Secretary of State, the evaluation is an initial screening to obtain information about the extent of the use of alcohol or other drugs in order to recommend an appropriate intervention to the driver, court and/or secretary of state in the form of an Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Uniform Report. The completed evaluation will result in a recommendation for one or more of the following services available through Breaking Free:

DUI Risk Education Program
This ten hour program consists of four 2½ hour classes designed to provide information regarding the dangers of impaired driving, effects of various substances, progression of alcoholism, support resources, the law, and other issues required by current standards. You will be required to take a pre-test and a post-test to measure how much you gained from the course. You will need a post-test score of 75% and compliance with the program rules in order to successfully complete the course. Upon successful completion, you will receive a Completion Certificate.

Early Intervention
Early Intervention Services are designed to explore and address problems or risk factors that are related to alcohol and drug use. These services are indicted when the individual is in the early stages of use or when a use pattern is beginning to cause complications or problems in one or more life areas. The goal of these services is to help the individual recognize the negative effects and harmful consequences of their use of alcohol and other drugs and intervene to prevent problems from worsening. These services increases the individuals’ understanding of the skills needed to change current or past alcohol and drug use patterns in order to resolve the problems they are experiencing. They are also designed to assist individuals with the exploration of the effects of current alcohol and/or drug use on the accomplishment of personal goals.

DUI Treatment Services
DUI offenders may be required to participate in 20 to 75 hours of treatment services to address the relationship between their alcohol and/or drug use and problems being experienced, including driving offenses and other life areas adversely impacted by their use. These services are generally provided in a group counseling setting but may also include individual counseling.

Continuing Care Program
Upon successful completion of any and all necessary treatment and prior to discharge, active and ongoing participation in a Continuing Care plan may be required based upon your needs or court rules. The Continuing Care plan may include additional group or individual counseling, activities, support groups, referrals and/or any other necessary follow-up activities that will support and enhance your progress.

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Minimum Risk
Requires ten hours of DUI Risk Education

Moderate Risk
Requires DUI Risk Education (10 hours), a minimum of 12 hours of early intervention, and any continuing care recommendations

Significant Risk
Requires DUI Risk Education (10 hours), plus a minimum of 20 hours of substance abuse treatment, any continuing care recommendations

High Risk
Requires a minimum of 75 hours of outpatient treatment, and any continuing care recommendations
Illinois Multilevel Classification System for Driving Under the Influence offenses:
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