Comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Evaluations
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Overcoming an alcohol or drug problem is rarely an easy process. Even when individuals have a strong desire to overcome their problem, the disease of addiction combined with the stresses of every-day life can create what appears to be an overwhelming obstacle. A comprehensive drug and alcohol evaluation with the resulting treatment recommendations provides the best level of personalized addiction treatment for clients, giving them the best chance at achieving lifelong recovery. 
At Breaking Free, our comprehensive evaluation for alcohol or drug problems is the process used to accurately identify and understand the substance abuse problem and to make treatment recommendations that can begin the recovery process, replacing hopelessness and uncertainty with a personalized recovery plan for overcoming the addiction. The substance abuse treatment recommendations that Breaking Free’s professional treatment staff make are not generic “one size fits all” plans – they are personalized recovery plans based upon each individuals unique strengths and needs.  We include family members and loved ones in the process, from evaluation through the completion of treatment, to help the entire family get better.
What does a Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Consist of?
Generally lasting for between one and two hours, individuals meet with a certified and/or licensed substance abuse counselor in a confidential session to gather the following information and assess the impact of drug and alcohol use on the person’s life: 
• Family background
• Social history
• Employment history
• Medical history
• Mental Health and substance use history
In addition to the information gathered from the client, family members and loved ones are often included to gather all relevant information in order to accurately assess the nature and extent of the problems. Physical exams and lab work may be ordered to assess medical complications. Standardized screening tools may also be used to obtain a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the problems being experienced. 
Upon completion the results of the evaluation are reviewed with the multi-disciplinary clinical team and Medical Director to finalize individualized recommendations for each person.

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